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About us
Newmedica are a Consultant led national community ophthalmology provider .
   • Website:  https://www.newmedica.co.uk/clinics/wakefield

Clinic Locations
Newmedica provide services from :
Wakefield Newmedica, 106 Barnsley Road,  Wakefield  WF1 5NX

Optometrists can refer patients into either the community ophthalmology or the cataract service using:
   •  NHS e-Referral Service (ERS)
   •  E-mail to newmedica.referrals@nhs.net
   •  Safe Haven Fax 02079 246 262

   •  By post to:  Wakefield Newmedica, 106 Barnsley Road, Wakefield. WF1 5NX

For further information on the services offered by Newmedica, please read the document 'Keep doing what you love' below.

Referral restrictions
They do not provide urgent A&E care and children under 18 years are currently excluded.

Patient Transport
To be confirmed.

Post Cataract Documentation
Practices should download the post cataract form from the link below and after completion email it to newmedica.wakefield@nhs.net
For those who prefer to complete the document by hand, a scanned PDF can be sent as an alternative.
Payment should be claimed from Wakefield CCG as for all other providers.

If you would like to speak to someone from Wakefield Newmedica please get in touch with Steve Kirk who is their Operational Director
   •  Email : steve.kirk@newmedica.co.uk
   •  Telephone: 07787 418 610

If you would like to speak to someone at the clinic then telephone 01924 252 662