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About us
Spamadica are a national ophthalmology health provider with 17 hospitals thoughout England.
   •  Head Office : Bolton SpaMedica, 43 Churchgate, Bolton BL1 1HU Tel: 0330 058 4280

In Wakefield they are contracted to provide;
   •  A Community Ophthalmology Service
   •  Cataract Surgery
   •  Laser Capsulotomies

Clinic Locations
Their clinic within the Wakefield service area is located at:
   •  10 Silkwood Park, Ossett, Wakefield WF5 9TJ

Optometrists can refer all groups of patients using:
   •  NHS e-Referral Service (ERS)
   •  E-mail : to 'spamedica.referrals@nhs.net'
   •  Safe Haven Fax : 01204 441 340

Note that with the ongoing COVID 19 restrictions, the service offered may be subject to alteration. If you have any concerns please contact SpaMedica directly.

Referral restrictions
As there are also restrictions on what conditions can be referred under the Community Ophthalmology Service it is recommended that you read the downloadable clinical guidelines below.

Post Cataract Documentation
Information is uploaded to the Medisoft website using a code supplied on the post-operative letter. The Optometrist needs to be registered for this to apply.

Patient Transport
Transport is available

If you would like to speak to someone from SpaMedica please either contact them directly via ;
   •  Email : contact@spamedica.co.uk
   •  Telephone : 0330 058 4280

or you can contact Mike Johnson who is the Service Promotions Executive for this area using

Downloadable documents
     SpaMedica Newsletter