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Operose Health

About us
The NHS Wakefield Community Ophthalmology Service is operated by Operose Health (Group) Limited, trading as Operose Health. It is commissioned by NHS Wakefield CCG and is authorised and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.
   • Head Office:  Rose House, Bell Lane OfficeVillage, Bell Lane, Little Chalfont, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 6FA.

Clinic Locations
The clinics within the service area are:
   •  Ash Grove Surgery, England Lane, Knottingley, Wakefield WF11 0JA
   •  Church View Health Centre, Langthwaite Road, South Kirkby, Wakefield WF29 3AP
   •  Lupset Surgery, George A Green Court, Wakefield WF2 8FE

Optometrists can refer patients into either the community ophthalmology or cataract service using:
   •  NHS e-Referral Service (ERS)
   •  E-mail to 'thepractice.cats@nhs.net'

   •  Safe Haven Fax 01924 552 079 or 01977 502 059
   •  Operose Referrer Support Line : 01924 552 077 or 01977 502 057

for GP's or Optometrists concerns or to discuss a patients condition or symptoms.
Note that there are restrictions in relation to who and what conditions can be referred so it is recommended that you download and read the three documents linked below.

Referral restrictions
They do not provide urgent A&E care and children under 18 years are currently excluded. As there are also restrictions on what conditions can be referred under the Community Ophthalmology Service it is recommended that you read the downloadable clinical guidelines below.

Patient Transport
Transport is not provided. Patients may be able to obtain transport via their GP using NHS Patient Transport Services. See 'General' in the FAQ menu for details.

Post Cataract Documentation
A post cataract form is given to the patient by the Operose clinic for completion and return by the Optometrist.

If you just wish to just contact Operose you can use the referral contact methods above plus;
   • Telephone 01924 552 077 or 01977 502 057
Alternatively you can speak to Iwona Ngody who is the Clinical Support Services Manager for Operose Health. She can be telephoned on 07553 375 104 or reached by email at  iwona.ngody@operosehealth.co.uk