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Community Health and Eyecare Ltd

   • Head Office : Community Health and Eyecare Ltd, 1-6 Star Building, Caxton Road,Fulwood Preston PR2 9BS
   • Website : http://www.communityeyecare.uk/

They provide;
   •  Community Ophthalmology Service
   •  Cataract Surgery
   •  Laser Capsulotomies

Clinical Locations
Surgical services such as cataract surgery and laser capsulotomies are provided at:
   •  The Grange Medical Centre, Highfield Road, Hemsworth, WF9 4DP
Community Ophthalmology is provided at Hemsworth plus;
   •  Northgate Medical Centre, Skinner Lane, Pontefract WF8 1NF
   •  Trinity Medical Centre, Thornhill Street, Wakefield WF1 1PG

Optometrists can refer patients into either the community ophthalmology or cataract service using:
   •  NHS e-Referral Service (ERS)
   •  E-mail to 'chec.wakefield@nhs.net'
   •  Safe Haven Fax : 01772 703 588

   •  By post to : Community Eyecare, Preston PR2 9BS

Referral restrictions
They do not provide urgent A&E care and children under 18 years are currently excluded. As there are also restrictions on what conditions can be referred under the Community Ophthalmology Service it is recommended that you read the downloadable clinical guidelines below.

Patient Transport
They provide a free door to door service just for surgical appointments without a geographical limit.

Post Cataract Documentation
When the post cataract assessment has been completed by the optometrist they need to access the CHEC portal by going to the following address: https://system.communityhealthservices.co.uk Full instructions have already been sent to each practice but an additional copy can be obtained by clicking on the link below for the Community Eyecare Post Cataract Guide

Patient Administration Line: 0330 100 4730
Clinical Helpline: 0330 100 4753
If you would just like to speak to someone from Community Heath and Eyecare then please get in touch with Lucy Hardcastle who is their Client Relationship Officer for Wakefield and the surrounding area. Lucy can be contacted via;

   •  Email : lucy.h@chec.uk
   •  Telephone : 07487 435 031