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29th August 2017

LOC Levy To Be Reduced
Following an LOC committee meeting on the 29th August it has been decided to reduce the LOC levy which is applied to all practices in the Wakefield area.

The current levy stands at 1% which is then split with 0.5% transferred to the LOC Support Unit and 0.5% going to Wakefield LOC. From October 2017 the LOC percentage will be reduced to 0.1% making a new total deduction of 0.6%. The levy is applied to the amount claimed by each practice for NHS sight tests and the LOC portion is used to support LOC activities such as CET meetings and attending official meetings.

Wakefield LOC Treasurer Mark Shelton said, "It was important to ensure that the LOC had sufficient funds to carry out its duties but had an obligation to minimise costs to local practices". It is anticipated that the new reduced rate will be effective until April 2018 but will be extended further if this is possible.