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20th August 2018

Changes to the EOS Claim Form
A slightly amended version of the current EOS Activity and Claim Form will be appearing shortly. Changes to NICE Guidelines has meant that the form has needed to be updated in a few places as well as the contractual terms of service. Wakefield CCG will be in touch to those affected practices in the next few days.

The biggest change will be that when referring patients for cataract, a Quality Of Life Questionnaire will need to be completed and retained with the patients record. It is a simple tick box form and establishes that the practice has discussed the various aspects of cataract surgery with the patient. It is also important to always offer patient the full range of cataract provider options and to help this an updated waiting time document is being prepared. The cataract and IOP Referral Guidelines have also been updated.

Copies of the the new forms (in both Excel and Open Office) will be emailed out by the Wakefield CCG very shortly and available shortly from the LOC website in the next few days.