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20th August 2018

Mid Yorkshire Acute Clinic Email Referrals
Mid Yorkshire recently advised all practices in Wakefield that from Monday 6th August, referrals into the Ophthalmology Acute Clinic can be sent via email. Although very welcome, it was unfortunately the first the LOC had heard about this change and we were taken by surprise.

Over the last week we have been able to establish a little more detail about the change and get answers to some of the questions that immediately spring to mind. Referral by email offers new opportunities for practices in that they will be able to share such things as diagnostic images with the hospital. This will not only make useful images available to the clinician doing the initial triage but save the hospital money and time in that important information will already be to hand.

Although this sounds straight forwards, a few rules and guidelines will ensure the process runs smoothly and so in these early stages it will be easier to list a series of questions and answers which are be available from and constantly updated on the WLOC website in the Downloads Section. Feedback to Wakefield LOC would be much appreciated and you can do this by emailing info@wakefieldoptometry.org.uk