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 • New Referral Guidelines Issued
 • First Zoom CET Event
 • New MECS Leaflet
New Referral Guidelines Issued
With Ophthalmology and Optometry changing all the time, our local Referral Guidelines that have been available for several years now, have been updated. Discussions have taken place with our local Ophthalmologists from the Mid Yorkshire Trust and there has been input from Wakefield CCG. It is also timely that with a new round of local provider contracts, we have been able to include an updated list of providers and their referral details. Version 2.1 is the most recent version issued on the 13th July and superceeds previous versions.
(14th July 2020)
First Zoom CET Event
Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Andrew Chung gave an excellent presentation on the Zoom platform with an A-Z look at anterior eye conditions typically seen in practice. The very interactive presentation kept the large audience on it's toes and the more uncommon conditions had some of us scratching our heads! We are most grateful to Mr Chung for his presentation that was full of helpful hints and tips on diagnosis and management.
(14th July 2020)
New MECS Leaflet
The MECS leaflet that practices make available to patients has been updated recently including a revised list of practices and their contact details. It can be downloaded and printed from the Downloads section of this website.
(5th June 2020)