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   Last revision : 8th July 2017
   FAQ : Referrals
Q When I need to make an urgent referral, what should I do?
A All acute and urgent referrals should be sent to the Acute Eye Department at Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield. A comprehensive letter including the patients contact telephone number should be faxed to 01924 541 197 where it will be traiged. The patient will then be contacted and an appointment arranged.

If you need advice or the case is especially urgent, then telephone 01924 541196 where you will be able to talk to a nurse or hospital doctor. During busy periods you may encounter an answering machine but just leave it a few minutes and try again.
Q Where should I send my routine referrals?
A Routine ophthalmological referrals can be sent to any of the following venues;

Treatment & Appointments Booking Centre
Pinderfields General Hospital,
Aberford Road, Wakefield WF1 4DG
Fax: 01924 542748 Tel: 01924 541169

Living Care
Northgate Medical Centre
Pontefract WF8 1NF
Fax: 01132 496024 Tel: 0113 2494655

Mediscan Diagnostic Services Ltd
Warrengate Medical Centre
Upper Warrengate, Wakefield, WF1 4PR
Fax: 0161 820 1118 Tel: 0161 820 1123

Phoenix Health Solutions
White Rose Surgery
Exchange Street, South Elmsall, WF9 2RD
Fax: 01977 641290 Tel: 01977 642412

The Grange Greenview & Kinsley Medical Centre,
Highfield Road, Hemsworth, WF9 4DT
Fax: 01977 619663 Tel: 01977 624270

The Practice Ophthalmology Service
Rose House, Bell Lane Office Village
Bell Lane Little Chalfont Amersham HP6 6FA
Fax: 01977 502059 Tel: 01977 502 057

Where the condition is outside of the terms of service of a community based service, the patients should be sent to Mid Yorkshire.
Q Where should I send routine referrals for those under 18 years of age?
A The terms of service for Community Ophthalmology do not cover those patients under 18 years of age and so these routine patients should be referred to Mid Yorkshire at the address above.
Q Can I still refer patients to their General Practitioner?
A Yes you can, if you feel there is a general health element to the referral that the GP can assist with.
Q Should I refer complicated cases direct to the Leeds hospitals?
A No. There is no established protocol to refer into Leeds so always contact the Mid Yorkshire Acute Department first.
Q I have a patient with a Huddersfield (HD) postcode but who is registered to a Wakefield (WF) GP. Are they entitled to access the EOS services such as MECS and cataract?
A Yes. They can be seen for all the EOS schemes and referred to our local hospitals.