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FAQ - Minor Eyecare Scheme (MECS)

Q Do I need training or accreditation to join this scheme?
No additional skills are required to join the scheme.

Q If I find a MECS condition during a routine eye test can I do a MECS examination instead?
No. The MECS is for patients who attend with sudden onset eye problems. If you find an abnormality during a routine eye test it should be dealt with in the usual way.

Q If we see someone under MECS but then think they should also have an eyetest under GOS, what should we do?
A There will be circumstances where this will occur and you can go on to carry one out under GOS, but NOT on the same day.

Q If we treat someone under MECS who is not a regular patient of the practice, are we allowed to keep them on our record system?
A Yes, for your own record keeping, but not for reminders or marketing.

Q If a patient has a contact lens related red eye, can you claim a MECS fee?
A Yes, if they are NOT your patient, otherwise their aftercare should be your responsibility. Ideally, a CL patient should return to their usual provider.

Q Do I need extra equipment to carry out MECS?
You will need the sort of equipment which most Optometry practices already have.

Q Can I see a patient of any age for MECS?
The service is for both adults and children; there is no age limit for the service. Children under 16 who attend the service must be accompanied to their appointment by a responsible adult.