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FAQ - Cataracts

Q My practice provides cataract pre-assessment under the EOS scheme. How do I find out the current waiting times for each provider?
Please click on the Waiting Times option in the main website header which will give you detailed waiting time data. We hope to be able to update this information on a regular basis so keep checking back to see if things have changed.

Q Can any cataract referral go to any cataract provider?
Not all cataract patients are the same. Some patients because of their general health or previous complications will need to go to a general hospital but the rest can be safely sent to one of the many other providers on the list. Examples for a general hospital referral might be if the patient has had a previous retinal detachment, needs cataract surgery to their only usable eye or takes medications such as Tamsulosin

Q Can I refer my patients directly to the hospital of choice?
If your practice is in the EOS scheme and the patient has a Wakefield GP then you can send them directly to the provider of their choice.

Q Do I choose which cataract provider to refer the patient to?
No. It is important (and part of a practices EOS contractual agreement) to ensure that patients are given a choice of all referral destinations that are available to them. The only exception to this would be where there is a clinical necessity to refer say to a general hospital because of the nature of the cataract or because the patient has special medical issues pertinent to surgery.