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FAQ - Flashes & Floaters Audit

Q What type of patients is this audit for?
It is for all patients presenting either with recent onset flashes, or recent onset floaters, or where both symptoms are presented.

Q Is this just applicable to MECS patients?
No. It is for all patients presenting with the specific symptoms.

Q The form asks for the Optometrists initials. Do I have to include this?
No. Within a practice you may prefer to put OPT1, OPT2 etc. This will then be useful for your own practice when the results are available./div>

Q Will my practice be able to see our results?
If requested, each practice will get a statistical summary of the Wakefield area as a whole and a summary of their own data. They will not be able to see the data from other practices.

Q Will the hospital be able to see individual practice data?
No. The hospital will only see an area wide summary and any comparison of practices will be anonymised

Q Who will be analysing the data?
The data gathered will be analysed by a few members of the LOC Committee

Q It asks about examination techniques. Is this what I normally do for this condition?
No. It is what you felt was appropriate and performed for the particular patient being seen.

Q What should I do with the forms once they have been completed?
Store the completed forms somewhere safe and at the end of May post them all to the LOC at
Wakefield LOC c/o Auckland Opticians, 9 High Street, Horbury, Wakefield WF4 5AB

17th March 2021