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Private Ophthalmology Clinic launched in Wakefield
A new private clinic has been recently launched which will offer ophthalmology services from several of our local Ophthalmologists.
The VSL Clinic is located on Barnsley Road, Wakefield and is a venture involving among others;Mr Varma, Mrs Nagar, Mr Pauw and Mr Dhringra. It will offer a wide range of ophthalmology treatments such as for cataracts, glaucoma, and oculomotor problems as well as other general medical services.
To introduce the service, VSL will be having an Open Evening where they will be able to demonstrate their state of the art equipment and discuss the range of treatments they will be able to offer. All optometrists and practice managers will be welcome from across West Yorkshire and will have the opportunity to chat to the Ophthalmologists and pick up a practice pack including a price list. The Open Evening will be held on Tuesday July 16th from 5.30pm to 8.00pm. Although the clinic has it's own car park, there is plenty of parking in the local area. The exact location is at 106 Barnsley Road, Wakefield WF1 5NX and is next door to the Aagrah restaurant.

If you would like to attend then please give VSL a call on 01924 570 014 or email them at thevslclinic@gmail.com so that they can plan for the number of visitors.  (1st July 2019)

Danielle Guy Presentation Download
Following on from the excellent lecture given by Danielle Guy on Collaborative Working in Orthoptics on the 21st May, we are pleased to say that her presentation from the evening is now available to download. You can get this from our downloads section by clicking here.
 (1st July 2019)

MECS leaflet and poster
Wakefield LOC and Wakefield CCG have produced a leaflet and poster that can be printed off and used in practice. The leaflet includes details about the service, how to book a free NHS appointment and who is eligible for this service. The leaflet can also be found on the Wakefield Clinical Commissioning website and in the downloads section of this website. It is intended that the leaflet and poster will also be distributed widely to other local NHS, local authority and voluntary organisations..
 (1st July 2019)

e-Referral WhatsApp Group
The e-Referral Pilot should be starting soon once the software has been downloaded and smartcards issued. As this is very new it's going to be an interesting journey for those practices involved as no doubt problems will be encountered. To help with this, Wakefield LOC have setup a WhatsApp Group so that problems and successes can be shared. If you would like to join in just send a request to info@wakefieldoptometry.org.uk and we will send you back a link to join with.
 (1st July 2019)

OCT Lecture
With OCT devices appearing more and more in community practice we thought that it would be useful to add a lecture on OCT interpretation to our CET programme for 2019-20. Mr Dhringra from Mid Yorkshire has very kindly agreed to speak to us but to give a lecture with a difference. Rather than just do a presentation of all the classic text book images he thought that it would be interesting to look at real life cases that have cropped up in our practices.
In preparation for that we are therefore asking you to keep a keep a look out for interesting macula OCT images where there is an element of doubt or that has an unusual variation. If you find any of these then please forward them (minus any patient identifiable information) to cet@wakefieldoptometry.org.uk with any additional information that you feel will help the discussion. Mr Dhringra will then pick the most interesting which should lead to an informative evening.
 (1st July 2019)

Cataract Waiting Times
The list of cataract providers and their times to first appointment has been updated and is available from the Downloads Section. It is hoped to keep this document updated on a regular basis so keep checking back to see if it has changed. You can download it by clicking here.
 (1st May 2019)

Changes to the EOS Claim Form
A slightly amended version of the current EOS Activity and Claim Form will be appearing shortly. Changes to NICE Guidelines has meant that the form has needed to be updated in a few places as well as the contractual terms of service. Wakefield CCG will be in touch to those affected practices in the next few days.

The biggest change will be that when referring patients for cataract, a Quality Of Life Questionnaire will need to be completed and retained with the patients record. It is a simple tick box form and establishes that the practice has discussed the various aspects of cataract surgery with the patient. It is also important to always offer patient the full range of cataract provider options and to help this an updated waiting time document is being prepared. The cataract and IOP Referral Guidelines have also been updated.

Copies of the the new forms (in both Excel and Open Office) will be emailed out by the Wakefield CCG very shortly and available shortly from the LOC website in the next few days.
(20th August 2018)