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Last revision : 8th August 2017
FAQ - Cataract Referral

Q My practice provides cataract pre-assessment under the EOS scheme. How do I find out the current waiting times for each provider?
A An updated list is often included in the LOC newsletter or you can see it on this website by clicking here.
Q Can any cataract referral go to any cataract provider?
A Not all cataract patients are the same. Some patients because of their general health or previous complications will need to go to a general hospital but the rest can be safely sent to one of the many other providers on the list. Examples for a general hospital referral might be if the patient has had a previous retinal detachment, needs cataract surgery to their only usable eye or takes medications such as Tamsulosin
Q Can I refer my patients directly to the hospital of choice?
A If your practice is in the EOS scheme you can send all your cataract referrals directly to the provider of their choice.